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  1. Lights Off;

    Everyone Is Home
    The road meanders as it follows the undulating terrain that leads from the cramped capital city of Antananarivo – in Madagascar – to a small town of Soavinadrina and from there to a small village of Ambodanerana. Our destination is here, in this village of about 7 000, on the side of the only tarred road cutting the village in half is the plot that has been allotted to Chosen Servant Ministries (CSM) for their orphanage (home of The Children of the Light – The Lights) by the community.

    There is no fence around the plot – just a sense that the CSM area is the space that is well kept. The main building is a rectangular building, where there are spacious rooms for The Lights, with a path leading to the single shower and separate toilet. The path then continues to the kitchen and large dining area with simple yet practical concrete eating and food preparation counter along the inside of this circular building. There is a vegetable garden with staff quarters and storage on the one edge of the plot. To the back is a tarred basketball court with the construction of the new Youth Centre coming up behind it. It is all proof of what can be achieved when people from different walks of life work together – it is beautiful.
    The view of the village around is breathtaking but it also reveals that there is not a single electrical pole to be seen in any direction. The village and the The Children of the Light wake up with the sun and go to sleep not too long after it sets. Charcoal is the main source of fuel and is used for cooking and heating bath water. For safety at The Lights’ home candles are not used by the children but rather handheld, battery operated torches are used for light during devotion, studies and in the rooms.
    Solar powered panels would be an ideal solution as they use a natural resource, are green friendly and will cut future operating costs. The long term effects of using torch light to study are only better compared to using candle light. A good sized solar panel is about 1 000 000 Ariary (USD500), a small some for some but a life changing amount for the kids and staff in Ambodanerana. More than one solar panel is required to keep The Lights in the light but one is a good start.
    The Lights however live up to their name as they continue to smile, study, eat, do their homework and those too slow even shower in the dark with torchlight without complaint. This is just another hurdle in their short lives thus far and the care, love and support they receive compensates for the lack of electricity.
    As the sun descends the activity at The Children Of Light’s home increases as everyone tries to get as much done without additional light to help preserve battery life and also to be able to achieve as much as possible with ease. As they rush to and fro they joke and laugh like only kids who have found a place where their inner lights can be supported can.
    You can bring light to The Children of the Light’s home, their lives as well as help change the lives of other children and youth from the Ambodanerana area: you can pray for us, volunteer on a short or long term basis and/or donate to help sustain the various projects aimed at bringing light into lives, minds and hearts.

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    14 Sep 2014
  2. Better Not Embittered

    Solange – or rather Mama as I prefer to call her – always smiles and laughs. She is full of energy, life, as she bustles around in the kitchen, mans the Chosen Servant Ministries’ (CSM) mini stall, helps the children or simply takes a walk during her free time. She is kind, considerate, courteous but fun – it is hard to tell her past by just looking at her.

    She first met Brendan – CSM’s founder – when he was doing his internship with Teen Missions at the school her kids were attending. Solange was destitute having finally split from her abusive husband and taking care of her 4 boys and 2 girls. Brendan was drawn to this prayer warrior and had compassion for her and her little ones and therefore brought them food and clothing.
    You see, Solange had been married to her husband for years and withstood a lot of abuse from him especially when he was drunk. His drinking was excessive and he did not like his wife and children going to church – these among others issues made things very difficult for Solange to bear but she held on. In all this she says that she did her best to remain humble and submissive all the while praying that GOD intervenes somehow. Her husband eventually left her but he left her destitute and without any support for their children. The only relatives she could call upon for help were his family and they refused her help or to intervene.

    Solange’s prayers were finally answered in the form of a young Australian with the heart like Christ’s. Not only did Brendan offer her a hand when she needed it most but, when the time and opportunity were ripe and the orphanage opened, he also offered her a job that seems tailor made for her. Solange is now the cook for The Children of the Light and gathers all the children around her like a proud mother hen. The love and care she lavishes on the children – her own and all others – is something that seems to pour naturally out of her.

    As Solange speaks of her distressing past a trace of sadness crosses her eyes but oddly bitterness is lacking; this looks like a woman who has put her past behind her – she has not been tainted by it but rather took her lessons and moved on from there!

    There are many ladies who find themselves in Solange’s former situation and you can help You Chosen Servant Ministries change their lives one at a time by donating, volunteering and sharing your experiences and/or sponsoring our upliftment programs.
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    03 Aug 2014

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