Chosen Servant Ministries

Chosen Servant Ministries is an organisation with the purpose of feeding the poor and teaching them how to feed themselves, providing education and opportunities for people to succeed in life. find out more…


  1. Our Mission and Vision

    Madagascar is one of the world’s poorest countries. Since a coup in 2009, the country has been in political turmoil. The majority of foreign aid has been suspended and budget cuts to investment in infrastructure have caused the deterioration of roads, power, water supplies and health facilities. Poverty has increased dramatically and approximately 70% of the population lives in absolute poverty.

    The mission of CSM is to reach and work with the poorest people in Madagascar. Their mission is not just to feed the poor, but to teach them how to feed themselves, providing education and opportunities for people to succeed in life. In the process of providing opportunity, CSM affirms the love of Jesus Christ for all and actively promotes the Gospel. CSM works under the vision statement, ‘provide education, provide opportunity’, seeking to equip individuals and communities with resources such as education, employment, health care and material support that enable them to break the cycle of poverty.

    Chosen Servant Ministries projects aim to:

    1. Make the Good News known

    2. Partner with individuals and communities

    3. Provide sustainable sources of income for families and communities

    4. Provide opportunities for local Malagasy people to develop practical skills

    5. Increase access to education for children living in poverty

    6. Increase the accessibility of healthcare to communities

    With this vision and mission in mind, ‘CSM Environment’ aims to implement sustainable environmental protection programs to educate communities about protecting their environment, sustainable living and provide opportunities for income generation to Malagasy people.

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    Account Name: CSM ENVIRONMENT
    Bank: Westpac
    BSB: 032 524 
    ACC: 219 229

    21 Nov 2013
  2. Volunteering in Madagascar with Chosen Servant Ministries

    Traveling to Madagascar for the first time I knew little about the country, what it’s people are like, or really what to expect at all. After a short visit in 2012, I returned to CSM for a longer period of time in 2013. I was not surprised or shocked by the levels of poverty in Madagascar in 2012 as I had seen that kind of thing many times in my travels elsewhere. But in 2013, as I gained a real understanding of the situation, my eyes were opened to the great lack that people had in that country. Many, as I learned lived on less than AU$1.00 per day. It was during my time this year that Madagascar was declared the poorest country in the world with 90% of the population living on less than US$2.00 per day. The situation is more than overwhelming. That’s why it has been such a blessing to not only make a small difference through CSM, but also to see the heart that Brendan, Diary and the team have to see the lives of the destitute changed. And I saw this time and again while I was in Madagascar. As a need was presented, that need was almost always met. The staff at CSM were an amazing blessing both times I was there. Not only are some of them escaping poverty through this work, but in turn they are helping to change the lives of their own people. CSM is not about some white people coming into the third world to do something for them. It’s about local Malagasy people having an opportunity to change their own back yard for the better of all. I can’t imagine not going back again!


    10 Nov 2013

Provide Education  Provide Opportunity