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  1. Hello! Can you hear me? 

    Toky is a fresh-faced 12 year old whose friendly smile and calm yet energetic manner do not reveal that both his parents died about a year apart. Their deaths resulted in Toky being looked after by his financially battling sister. His life involved school then hanging around with friends before going home to a poor meal in the capital city of Madagascar, Antananarivo.

    In the latter part of 2013 Toky found himself being shipped off to a little village 7 kilometers from the town of Soavinandrina to become one of The Children of the Light (The Lights) – this is the name of Chosen Servant Ministries’ (CSM) orphanage there. Toky is currently the second oldest of all the kids there and the oldest boy and this gives him some responsibilities that he seems to be enjoying.

    With The Children of the Light Toky now continues his schooling but with the necessary parental support. Sure he still has time to hang around but he also has chores and is given responsibilities. He is now guaranteed 3 meals a day, clothing, love, care and daily devotions in this well simulated family unit.  When asked about the transition Toky responded by saying that he enjoys his new home and therefore did not battle to fit in – he also said that he enjoyed his life now with The Lights in rural Soavinandrina better than he did his old life in the city.

    With all the above Toky also receives much needed medical care which resulted in an unexpected discovery. All his life Toky has been hard of hearing but no-one had bothered or could not afford to have him tested. His studies and general communication have suffered greatly as a result of this oversight. The staff at CSM, however, picked up on the problem and had Toky sent for an ear examination where it was found that this future policeman – with incredible dance moves, yes you need to see him dance – needs to get a hearing aid. With all the care and love that Chosen Servant Ministries can give Toky and the other Lights, the 1,000, 000 (USD $500) required to purchase a hearing aid is above our means. 

    Toky believes that his future is better served at CSM and CSM believes that too and that is why we are doing all we can to help Toky acquire that hearing aid. General medical care and expenses are usually seen to by Chosen servant ministries as it is part of looking after the kids overall well being but Toky’s need is far greater than what could have been anticipated. There is no amount one can place on their hearing and if Toky’s hearing is not seen to soon his schooling will suffer even more resulting in him having difficulty furthering his education and becoming employed. All these chain reactions can be averted with a hearing aid.

    If you feel you want to help Toky get a hearing aid, sponsor a child at The Children of the Light orphanage or be part of feeding children from very impoverished families please think and pray about then get in touch with us. 

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    21 Jul 2014
  2. Led By Love

    The first time I met her I sensed an energy and humour that were kept in check by propriety. She was the one waiting for us together with some of her children when we arrived in Ambodanerana – I say children because she is mother to all The Children of the Light (The Lights) even though she only bore 2 sons. She welcomes us with pride countered by hope that we will find their home adequate. She is Nicole, wife to Chosen Servant Ministries’ (CSM) manager at Ambodenerana near Soavinadrina and mother to The Lights.
    When I asked why she is working for CSM, she simply smiled a kind of ‘you know nothing’ smile, shook her head slightly and stated what she sees as obvious: ‘I follow my husband.’ The reason I had asked this now obviously foolish question is that she is so dedicated, so involved – passionate – and very personal about The Lights and the work CSM is doing in Soavy that I thought that she and her husband had met while working on one mission or another.
    At times it is hard to tell which two are biological kids but at the same time she realizes the import of giving them their own attention so that they grow up balanced. She is the first one out and the last in as she makes sure that all the kids’ needs – physical, emotional, spiritual and safety – have been seen to and satisfied. She doesn’t work alone as her husband and another staff member help but she is the mother and that responsibility very seriously.
    As I get to know her the humour behind the eyes starts dripping out as laughter and the energy is released but under relaxed control. She and the kids banter gently as they do chores together, she joins as we play on the court, puts her energy to use as she helps when there is planting to be done or rice to be processed and also does the finances for the entire centre. The other day I saw a picture of Nicole helping her husband with building The Youth Centre behind the home of The Children of the Light.
    When I asked what drives her to do her work with all the passion she answered simply, ‘Love,’ – this time I did not have to ask her what she meant as it was all around her.

    ©Amiel Mathebula for CSM 2014

    You do not have to leave everything to be part of the Chosen Servant Ministries team but you can support Nicole and the children through finances and/or donations.

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    11 Jul 2014

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