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  1. Something Brand New For The Youth

    What are the youth of Ambodanerana to do for recreation and educational support? Dental and medical facilities are also lacking among other short falls in this far flung village as well as those around it. This village is situated about 7km from the town of Soavinandrina and features a single tarred road that runs through it, a couple of ox-cart tracks and ample foot paths. It is fortunate to have 2 schools, churches and various convenience stores but there is little else to recommend it aside from the people and the scenery. It is a village based on rice – its main produce – tobacco and to a lesser degree other vegetable farming.

    In this entire village of about 7 000 there are 2 fusel tables, 1 soccer field and plenty of alcohol for entertainment and alcohol wins out in most cases. The youth generally go to school until primary school has been completed (if family demands do not intervene before this), drink, get married early then start the same cycle for the next generation: they become the drinking parents whose parents need their kids to supplement the family income or look after younger siblings while the parents work. 

    In a stroke of pure inspiration Chosen Servant Ministries (CSM) has started building a Youth Centre at the edge of their property in Ambodanerana. CSM realized that alcohol and lack of education are crippling the youth and sought a way to combat the social ills while giving alternatives and thus the birth of the Youth Centre. The building is being carried out with and under the supervision of Lovanirina (Lova) who received building training and is the current manager of CSM Soavinandrina. Lova has the support of the chief and most of the community and they pitched in to help dig the foundation as they saw value in this undertaking.

    The Youth Centre – which has been mainly/partly funded by the Australian government and Northside Community Church in Sydney. Will provide a venue for various sporting activities and other recreational activity options as the alternative to alcohol abuse. The basketball court is finished, and ready for use as a court for games and also for parking. The centre will also boast the first library in the area for much needed educational support and general information centre. Marked out on the building’s foundation is also a dental/medical facility to help get those proud smiles shining and the bodies in great working order. All these will be situated at the back of a fair sized auditorium where educational workshops for the youth and the community as well as other light presentations will be hosted.

    Thanks to Brendan (CSM founder) and the hard working staff supporting him, not just the community of Ambodanerana is excited about this uplifting project but other’s hearts have been stirred and they have opened up and offered donation. Without the donors the work would not have commenced and without donors the work will stop. So as CSM and the community of Ambodanerana give praise and thanks for all the outside help and support, there is also a request for more help to sustain future projects. Already sewing machines and some sporting equipment are waiting for the opening of the Youth Centre. 

    The Youth Centre should be operational in November 2014 – from there on it will be a matter of watching as the wise young take full advantage and rewrite their futures to the better.

    The Chosen Servant Ministries’ Youth Centre program is well underway and is set to change the lives of an entire village’s youth and adult. You can contribute to initiating and sustaining projects by giving of your time as a volunteer and/or donating funds and items.  

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    08 Oct 2014
  2. Lights Off;

    Everyone Is Home
    The road meanders as it follows the undulating terrain that leads from the cramped capital city of Antananarivo – in Madagascar – to a small town of Soavinadrina and from there to a small village of Ambodanerana. Our destination is here, in this village of about 7 000, on the side of the only tarred road cutting the village in half is the plot that has been allotted to Chosen Servant Ministries (CSM) for their orphanage (home of The Children of the Light – The Lights) by the community.

    There is no fence around the plot – just a sense that the CSM area is the space that is well kept. The main building is a rectangular building, where there are spacious rooms for The Lights, with a path leading to the single shower and separate toilet. The path then continues to the kitchen and large dining area with simple yet practical concrete eating and food preparation counter along the inside of this circular building. There is a vegetable garden with staff quarters and storage on the one edge of the plot. To the back is a tarred basketball court with the construction of the new Youth Centre coming up behind it. It is all proof of what can be achieved when people from different walks of life work together – it is beautiful.
    The view of the village around is breathtaking but it also reveals that there is not a single electrical pole to be seen in any direction. The village and the The Children of the Light wake up with the sun and go to sleep not too long after it sets. Charcoal is the main source of fuel and is used for cooking and heating bath water. For safety at The Lights’ home candles are not used by the children but rather handheld, battery operated torches are used for light during devotion, studies and in the rooms.
    Solar powered panels would be an ideal solution as they use a natural resource, are green friendly and will cut future operating costs. The long term effects of using torch light to study are only better compared to using candle light. A good sized solar panel is about 1 000 000 Ariary (USD500), a small some for some but a life changing amount for the kids and staff in Ambodanerana. More than one solar panel is required to keep The Lights in the light but one is a good start.
    The Lights however live up to their name as they continue to smile, study, eat, do their homework and those too slow even shower in the dark with torchlight without complaint. This is just another hurdle in their short lives thus far and the care, love and support they receive compensates for the lack of electricity.
    As the sun descends the activity at The Children Of Light’s home increases as everyone tries to get as much done without additional light to help preserve battery life and also to be able to achieve as much as possible with ease. As they rush to and fro they joke and laugh like only kids who have found a place where their inner lights can be supported can.
    You can bring light to The Children of the Light’s home, their lives as well as help change the lives of other children and youth from the Ambodanerana area: you can pray for us, volunteer on a short or long term basis and/or donate to help sustain the various projects aimed at bringing light into lives, minds and hearts.

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    14 Sep 2014

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