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  1. Hello! Can you hear me? 

    Toky is a fresh-faced 12 year old whose friendly smile and calm yet energetic manner do not reveal that both his parents died about a year apart. Their deaths resulted in Toky being looked after by his financially battling sister. His life involved school then hanging around with friends before going home to a poor meal in the capital city of Madagascar, Antananarivo.

    In the latter part of 2013 Toky found himself being shipped off to a little village 7 kilometers from the town of Soavinandrina to become one of The Children of the Light (The Lights) – this is the name of Chosen Servant Ministries’ (CSM) orphanage there. Toky is currently the second oldest of all the kids there and the oldest boy and this gives him some responsibilities that he seems to be enjoying.

    With The Children of the Light Toky now continues his schooling but with the necessary parental support. Sure he still has time to hang around but he also has chores and is given responsibilities. He is now guaranteed 3 meals a day, clothing, love, care and daily devotions in this well simulated family unit.  When asked about the transition Toky responded by saying that he enjoys his new home and therefore did not battle to fit in – he also said that he enjoyed his life now with The Lights in rural Soavinandrina better than he did his old life in the city.

    With all the above Toky also receives much needed medical care which resulted in an unexpected discovery. All his life Toky has been hard of hearing but no-one had bothered or could not afford to have him tested. His studies and general communication have suffered greatly as a result of this oversight. The staff at CSM, however, picked up on the problem and had Toky sent for an ear examination where it was found that this future policeman – with incredible dance moves, yes you need to see him dance – needs to get a hearing aid. With all the care and love that Chosen Servant Ministries can give Toky and the other Lights, the 1,000, 000 (USD $500) required to purchase a hearing aid is above our means. 

    Toky believes that his future is better served at CSM and CSM believes that too and that is why we are doing all we can to help Toky acquire that hearing aid. General medical care and expenses are usually seen to by Chosen servant ministries as it is part of looking after the kids overall well being but Toky’s need is far greater than what could have been anticipated. There is no amount one can place on their hearing and if Toky’s hearing is not seen to soon his schooling will suffer even more resulting in him having difficulty furthering his education and becoming employed. All these chain reactions can be averted with a hearing aid.

    If you feel you want to help Toky get a hearing aid, sponsor a child at The Children of the Light orphanage or be part of feeding children from very impoverished families please think and pray about then get in touch with us. 

    For more information please visit or email us at

    21 Jul 2014
  2. Led By Love

    The first time I met her I sensed an energy and humour that were kept in check by propriety. She was the one waiting for us together with some of her children when we arrived in Ambodanerana – I say children because she is mother to all The Children of the Light (The Lights) even though she only bore 2 sons. She welcomes us with pride countered by hope that we will find their home adequate. She is Nicole, wife to Chosen Servant Ministries’ (CSM) manager at Ambodenerana near Soavinadrina and mother to The Lights.
    When I asked why she is working for CSM, she simply smiled a kind of ‘you know nothing’ smile, shook her head slightly and stated what she sees as obvious: ‘I follow my husband.’ The reason I had asked this now obviously foolish question is that she is so dedicated, so involved – passionate – and very personal about The Lights and the work CSM is doing in Soavy that I thought that she and her husband had met while working on one mission or another.
    At times it is hard to tell which two are biological kids but at the same time she realizes the import of giving them their own attention so that they grow up balanced. She is the first one out and the last in as she makes sure that all the kids’ needs – physical, emotional, spiritual and safety – have been seen to and satisfied. She doesn’t work alone as her husband and another staff member help but she is the mother and that responsibility very seriously.
    As I get to know her the humour behind the eyes starts dripping out as laughter and the energy is released but under relaxed control. She and the kids banter gently as they do chores together, she joins as we play on the court, puts her energy to use as she helps when there is planting to be done or rice to be processed and also does the finances for the entire centre. The other day I saw a picture of Nicole helping her husband with building The Youth Centre behind the home of The Children of the Light.
    When I asked what drives her to do her work with all the passion she answered simply, ‘Love,’ – this time I did not have to ask her what she meant as it was all around her.

    ©Amiel Mathebula for CSM 2014

    You do not have to leave everything to be part of the Chosen Servant Ministries team but you can support Nicole and the children through finances and/or donations.

    For more information please visit or email

    11 Jul 2014
  3. Our Mission and Vision

    Madagascar is one of the world’s poorest countries. Since a coup in 2009, the country has been in political turmoil. The majority of foreign aid has been suspended and budget cuts to investment in infrastructure have caused the deterioration of roads, power, water supplies and health facilities. Poverty has increased dramatically and approximately 70% of the population lives in absolute poverty.

    The mission of CSM is to reach and work with the poorest people in Madagascar. Their mission is not just to feed the poor, but to teach them how to feed themselves, providing education and opportunities for people to succeed in life. In the process of providing opportunity, CSM affirms the love of Jesus Christ for all and actively promotes the Gospel. CSM works under the vision statement, ‘provide education, provide opportunity’, seeking to equip individuals and communities with resources such as education, employment, health care and material support that enable them to break the cycle of poverty.

    Chosen Servant Ministries projects aim to:

    1. Make the Good News known

    2. Partner with individuals and communities

    3. Provide sustainable sources of income for families and communities

    4. Provide opportunities for local Malagasy people to develop practical skills

    5. Increase access to education for children living in poverty

    6. Increase the accessibility of healthcare to communities

    With this vision and mission in mind, ‘CSM Environment’ aims to implement sustainable environmental protection programs to educate communities about protecting their environment, sustainable living and provide opportunities for income generation to Malagasy people.

    Please support CSM Environment. Donate to the below account!

    Thank you very much!

    Account Name: CSM ENVIRONMENT
    Bank: Westpac
    BSB: 032 524 
    ACC: 219 229

    21 Nov 2013
  4. Volunteering in Madagascar with Chosen Servant Ministries

    Traveling to Madagascar for the first time I knew little about the country, what it’s people are like, or really what to expect at all. After a short visit in 2012, I returned to CSM for a longer period of time in 2013. I was not surprised or shocked by the levels of poverty in Madagascar in 2012 as I had seen that kind of thing many times in my travels elsewhere. But in 2013, as I gained a real understanding of the situation, my eyes were opened to the great lack that people had in that country. Many, as I learned lived on less than AU$1.00 per day. It was during my time this year that Madagascar was declared the poorest country in the world with 90% of the population living on less than US$2.00 per day. The situation is more than overwhelming. That’s why it has been such a blessing to not only make a small difference through CSM, but also to see the heart that Brendan, Diary and the team have to see the lives of the destitute changed. And I saw this time and again while I was in Madagascar. As a need was presented, that need was almost always met. The staff at CSM were an amazing blessing both times I was there. Not only are some of them escaping poverty through this work, but in turn they are helping to change the lives of their own people. CSM is not about some white people coming into the third world to do something for them. It’s about local Malagasy people having an opportunity to change their own back yard for the better of all. I can’t imagine not going back again!


    10 Nov 2013
  5. This girl’s name is Tantely, which means “honey.” If i remember correctly she is 22 years old. Tantely’s parents had just walked for around 6 hours from their home in the country into the city of Soavinandriana to the hospital and from there they stopped in at Chosen Servant Ministries. And after that, had another few hours to walk to get home. Tantely was sick with the flu, so the parents walked her into the city to get some medication. They carry Tantely on their back, as you can see she has mangled arms and legs. I cant remember whether she was born with this issue or not. But it was heart wrenching to see her life and situation. Tantely’s parents heard that CSM may be able to help them, so they stopped by to ask. They told their story, that they were getting old and worried about having to carry Tantely in the future. They asked if we could help find a wheelchair for Tantely. We said we would. Please help us buy her one ASAP. We told her parents to come by again in 2 weeks from now. We have heard its around $300-$400 for a good wheelchair. My wife Diary Singhdeo is looking for one now. Thank you very much! God bless. Email: Please donate to below and reference “Tantely” Account name: Emergency Relief Fund Bank: Westpac BSB: 032524 ACC: 216693

    14 Aug 2013
  6. How Cool! To be on TV making a difference! We are giving 800 children school packs in this video. 6 exercise books, a pencil case full of pens, pencils, an eraser, a sharpener, and a set of rulers. This will help to take pressure off their families to provide these things. We cant do everything! But we can do something! Which will bless someone else’s life!  

    09 Mar 2013
  7. We are on TV!! Check us out! We are growing Australia! Doing more and more to help the people of Madagascar.

    09 Mar 2013
  8. This video is CSM on TV in Madagascar! Telling them about what we are doing there!

    09 Mar 2013
  9. Meet Tolotra, he is 14 and lives near @Chosen Servant Ministries base in Tana. He had a brother and a sister who were killed with their mother. About a month ago it was bed time and Tolotra’s step father came home and was very angry at his mother about something, and so he poured petrol over her and the bunk bed with the brother and sister still in it. He locked the door of the tiny little house made of wood and tin, then lit it on fire. Then he ran away.

    Young Tolotra was so courageous to jump from the bed and kick the door open to get outside. His mother was trying to protect his brother and sister and got stuck inside and they were burnt to death. It was a massive fire and Tolotra was badly burnt. He suffered multiple burns on his face, arms, and back. They were so bad he couldn’t make it to the burial of his mum, brother and sister.

    @Chosen Servant Ministries has provided him with some medicines and medical (wound treatment) supplies. As well as, new clothes, shoes, a school kit, and some toys to hopefully bring him some joy.

    Tolotra came from a very poor family, and pretty much has no one left but his grandparents to care for him who are also very poor. He still needs medical care, and a mattress to sleep comfortably. And more.

    If you would like to help us help young Tolotra get surgery and basic necesseties. The bank details are below, and please put in the reference bar “Tolotra”. We will make sure he gets proper care. Chosen Servant Ministries

    Account name: Emergency Relief Fund 
    Bank: Westpac 
    BSB: 032524 
    ACC: 216693

    For overseas donations: 
    Swift code: wpacau2s032524216693

    Bank name: Westpac

    Bank Branch: Lake Haven

    Account name: Emergency Relief Fund

    Organisation: Chosen Servant Ministries

    Contact Person: 0421643676 Brendan Singhdeo

    31 Jan 2013
  10. Our last group of volunteers were so great! They worked so hard to bless Chosen Servant Ministries, and the people of Madagascar! They taught health and hygiene, and distributed hundreds of health care products, toothbrushes, vitamins, and 
    betadine etc to the most needy. They helped set up a garden at our Children’s home, and painted most of the internal rooms at the Childrens home. They sanded, varnished, and helped install the outer doors of the Children’s home. They painted educational and fun things on the walls of the school CSM built. They taught new sports and games to the local communities. They helped us give out almost 500 school supplies packs to poor children in Tana, before the new school term starts. They taught us to work on new programs on the computer, and helped us to write applications to receive aid from the Australian government etc. And we worked on preparing new development programs for the future, helping mothers living on the streets to learn new skills and succeed. We had such a great time with each one of these volunteers! Sarah AndersonSusan Hudson,Neridah MorrisJessie SkellyAbigail JohnstoneMike Gibson,Rachael Kearns

    Now on the 15th we have the lovely Marion Griffin arriving to volunteer and give out hundreds of handmade pencil cases and carry bags etc made by the wonderful residents at the Feros Byron Bay aged care facility!
    10 Sep 2012
  11. This little girl doesn’t have a big stomach because she eats a lot of food. She has a big stomach, because the food she eats is not enough and its not hygienic, neither is the water she drinks. She is malnourished and sick. Her mother doesn’t know any different, she has never been taught about health and hygiene, she doesn’t have money to buy medication or to provide a balanced diet of healthy food.  

    We can’t do everything, but we can do something! And the “Something” Chosen Servant Ministries is doing is teaching health and hygiene, and distributing healthcare products to those in need. We are treating the sick, providing healthcare by trained doctors, and emergency relief. We are distributing clothing to the cold. We are teaching new adaptable farming techniques. And we are providing jobs for programs we run to help CSM be more self sufficient.  

    We can all do something! That little girl only needed some vitamins and a few worming tablets which costed a couple of dollars, and she was better.

    Please support CSM to run. We need more continual support. Thank you

    28 Aug 2012
  12. This boy came to one of our free healthcare clinics in Vangaindrano, South Madagascar. He has no parents, and the local church had been caring for him for many years. He is 15 years old, and has been suffering for 12 years with a tooth infection. You can see in this picture that the infection is weeping from his jaw.  It’s so sad that the cost of the medicine and treatment to heal his cheek was less than $10. To suffer for such a long time is just mind blowing! This should not happen in this rich world! But it does! 

    For less than $10 we were able to be an answer to this boys prayers, and be a part of healing his tooth infection for good!  

    This is just one emergency case. Please remember to support CSM’s Emergency Relief Fund. So we can be an answer to more peoples prayers. Thank you. 

    Account name: Emergency Relief Fund 
    Bank: Westpac 
    BSB: 032524 
    ACC: 216693

    For overseas donations: 
    Swift code: wpacau2s032524216693

    23 Aug 2012
  13. CSM August 2012

    How good it is to be ALIVE FOR A REASON in 2012. Check out some of the work CSM has been doing in 2012….

    15 Aug 2012
  14. They are very well behaved kids these who are starving..
    They don’t talk with their mouth full, they do not spoil their bread..
    They do not make small piles at the edge of their plate…
    They do not complain, dont say “I dont like this”..
    They do not make faces when you take away their plate
    They do not throw a tantrum to get sweets
    They do not give to the dog the fat of their bacon
    They do not run around through your legs and do not climb everywhere
    Their hearts are so heavy that they live on their knees…
    for their meal they wait quietly, they cry sometimes when it takes a long time…
    no, no don’t worry, they wont scream..
    those kids are really good kids
    they cry without making noise, you cannot even hear them
    they are so small that you cannot even see them
    they know that they cannot expect much from their mothers
    they frantically look for rice in the dirt
    but they close their eyes when their stomach twists, when the pain stop their bodies from moving…no no be sure they wont scream
    they dont have the strength anymore, only their eyes can still talk
    they will cross their arms on their bloated stomachs… they will pose to make a good picture
    they will die without making noise without disturbing you, 
    they are good, really well behaved these little kids.

    Chosen Servant Ministries

    (one of my favorite french poems that i tried to translate)
    from Diiary Ratiambahoaka

    This is a picture of two orphan boys in Miavotra, Soavinandriana. The one has a ball in his hand from Barbara Peerenboom one of our volunteers.

    28 Jul 2012
  15. From Barbara Peerenboom one of our volunteers! “Madagascar has been so many things so far. Daunting, beautiful, sad, & fun. We are amongst such dedicated and caring staff at Chosen Servant Ministries who love God & people so much. It’s a privilege to be amongst them. So much poverty is deeply disturbing, yet amidst it all, God is here. A smile is so welcomely accepted & lollies don’t go astray either. It was so great to see & be a part of progress on the orphanage and school in Soav & now we are looking forward our next adventure in Mahajanga. Our family has become so much closer & this is an experience that will be with us forever!”

    23 Jul 2012
  16. A note from some of our volunteers! 
    It’s our last week in Madagascar, it has been such an amazing experience iv seen and done so much in the last two months and have loved every minute! We have taught English every night to the staff and hearing their English develop has been amazing! We have taught health and hygiene, brushing teeth and basic first aid to small communities and gave out tooth brushes and water purifying drops! A few weeks ago we took baby Ana to the doctors as she had been sick for a while and we got her medicine using the CSM emergency relief fund and she has improved so much. We have given out so many books, toys, cards, bubbles, balloons, and so much more!! While in Mahajanga I met my sponser child Julivana and her beautiful family and saw where she lived and went to school, it was such an amazing experience and a memory I’ll never forget! I have loved this experience and learnt so much from it and I plan to come back to Madagascar next year!


    27 Jun 2012
  17. We Keep moving forward!

    Providing Education and Opportunities for people to succeed in life.

    Let us know if you’d like to get involved.



    Like us on Facebook: Chosen Servant Ministries

    Follow us on Twitter: ChosenServantM!/ChosenServantM

    Thank you for taking the time to see what we’re doing with the poor in Madagascar.. God bless!

    Brendan Singhdeo


    10 Dec 2011
  18. This video is the vision of CSM…. To transform lives, one at a time.

    Providing Education and Opportunities for people to succeed in life.

    Let us know if you’d like to get involved.



    Like us on Facebook: Chosen Servant Ministries

    Follow us on Twitter: ChosenServantM!/ChosenServantM

    Thank you for taking the time to see what we’re doing with the poor in Madagascar.. God bless!

    Brendan Singhdeo

    10 Dec 2011
  19. CSM November News

    Some of what we’ve been up to this year! Click the link!

    25 Nov 2011
  20. August News in Madagascar

    07 Sep 2011

    Hi People!
    Well its been our busiest mission so far, with many projects and heaps more volunteers joining us.
    We’ve had so much fun!
    Our film girl Lauren who does all of our videos has come twice this year and blessed us heaps. She filmed some of the works we’re doing, and has already made a cool video called “movin on up.” Lauren is also making other video’s for us. She is amazing.
    A girl from the Central Coast NSW, Sarah, came and made/taught some arty stuff, and made some jewelry etc for us to sell in Australia, to help support the ministry. She also helped to start a new program called “Mamma’s off the street.”  We are finding mothers on the street and trying to find sponsors for them to get them off the street and into a house. It  costs around $10-20 a month to rent a comfortable room for a family. We also provide the family with a bed, blankets, cooking pots and utensils, a bucket, and basic healthcare products. Contact us at if you’d like to know more or sponsor a family. We will let you know about the families and prices of rentable houses available. Sarah blessed many people and helped us very much, she took heaps of great photos too.
    We had three true blue Aussie farmers come for ten days. Adam, Ben, and Brad, these guys worked a solid week at our first orphanage project in Soavinandriana. Wow!
    Some of the works these guys did:
    - Set up running water
    - Built a non smelling toilet block with shower and eco hot water which runs off into a sewerage pit and then the grey water runs off into a realm drain. (lots of digging)
    - Constructed a fertilizer pit to catch worm pee.
    - Cleared the land for a modern pig pen and set all the posts in and some of the fencing.
    - Taught farming of fruit, vegetables, and cattle on two different occasions to some of the people in the local villages.
    These guys worked so hard and efficiently, they brought new methods and skills that have blessed many people and our own work projects. Much of what they brought and their example of working hard has worn off on our staff and volunteers. We’re getting a lot more done these days.
    A girl named Isobel from the Sunshine coast QLD came and was great! What a character! Everyone here loved her and noticed when she left. She brought her skills in sewing and design etc and made some funky accessories which we will sell in Australia to help support CSM works. She worked hard to make some school uniforms for children we school in Mahajanga, and is still working on them. She also helped to paint the toilet block at our orphanage. She was so creative and she taught our staff how to cook some Aussie style tomato soup, was very nice!
    One of Isobel’s good friends, Lisa, came too! What can I say! She was epic! What a cool person! She is a hairdresser, who came not knowing how she could help, but blessed us all so much. We have a video in the making of the poor being transformed. Lisa did the transformations of many people, cutting/styling hair and doing make-up and accessories. She also taught much needed lessons on communication and listening skills, I definitely needed those lessons. Lisa has it on her heart to start up a new program called “Kids in school.” A massive problem in Madagascar is lack of education. Families don’t have enough money to keep their kids in school. Only 6% of teenagers finish school. Many children are not going to school! It cost’s around $6-$8 a month for school fees. Lisa has already done some of the preparation work for this program, and we will be ready to run it soon.  If you’re interested in knowing more or sponsoring a child or two, email us at  She’s a good girl Lisa!
    We had a very talented crafty girl/great photographer etc… Named Angelina, She was so full of energy! And had a nice singing voice. She was so great with the Malagasy children, several random babies and kids fell asleep on her. Angelina taught some of our staff how to make a bunch of cool arty things like gift cards, earrings etc which we can sell in Australia to help support the ministry. Angelina is a fighter, a great woman.
    My mum Theresa came! That was a funny experience, the people loved my mum and she seemed to love them too. Mum taught lots of computer skills to one of our staff members Lova. She brought from Australia about 30 kilos of clothing, swim wear, and many jumpers and scarves a lovely elderly lady, Pam from the Coast, knitted for children in the cold. She bought heaps of lollies and gave them out to hundreds of people and she helped to paint the toilet block of our orphanage. It was a great encouragement for me to have mum come and see the work I’m part of first hand. She was fun and a blessing.
    Lauren!! Lauren came back again! She filmed up a storm.. A video clip is being made by her on the goals of CSM to see transformations in peoples lives. Lauren also helped to paint the toilet block at our orphanage. She is very creative at what she does… We’re so grateful for her hard work in making all the videos and doing all the things she does to help us show the world what we’re doing in Madagascar. Stay tuned for some of her videos.
    Nadia a doctor, (known here as the doctor who smiles and prays) and Leisha a nurse (known here as the quiet angel) are currently here now. They are doing great things in Madagascar. We’ve been setting up temporary health clinics in Soavinandriana, Mahajanga and Tana. Freely treating many people that struggle to afford going to the doctor. We have a future goal to train up the locals to care for their own. This week we are heading south to Vangaindrano, with some stops along the way at unreached villages, treating the sick and giving out jumpers to children.
    More volunteers are arriving soon, from Australia and Poland.
    Some other news… In Mahajanga, we have been given 65 hectares of great land, on four different blocks. Not far from the town. Paper work for 15 hectares of that land is done, and in our name. Our staff members Fidy and Nina are doing a great job there keeping things running there.
    We have got the volunteers to do swimming lessons on 3 afternoons in Mahajanga, many people young and old die from drowning in Madagascar because they don’t know how to swim. One of our staff members, Fidelice, had a brother who drowned at the beach we taught at.
    The orphanage progress in Soavinandriana is great! All the outer walls and internal rooms have been bricked up completely. We are working on the roof now.
    CSM carpentry in Mahajanga is working very well, we’ve made lots of furniture for our base houses,and bunk beds, windows, and doors for the orphanage in Soavinandriana. We’ve also made 14 bee houses for CSM Honey in Vangaindrano. CSM Carpentry is  making some money and we are building up a clientele. The most exciting thing is we have the most skilled carpenter in Mahajanga and the surrounding 100 km radius, training up 4 interns. One day we’ll be able to give more responsibility to these interns.
    Provide Education Provide Opportunity.

    For this cause
    Brendan Singhdeo
    Brendan Singhdeo
    Chosen Servant Ministries